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Gabriel Couret; CEO and President, GC Artist Management and Development

With over eight years of artist management experience, Gabriel Couret has emerged as a progressive industry professional to watch, having launched GC Artists, a full service artist management and development company in 2019. Couret takes an active role in career development by connecting his clients  to media and music production professionals as well as a proven ability to market artists in a digital space and helping his clients create revenue streams using intricate social media strategies.

After attending the North Carolina School of the Arts, Gabriel started his career as a professional opera singer under contract with The Atlanta Opera from 2005-2013. In 2014, he made a transition to the artist management industry and quickly established himself as an international artist manager working with top tier artist management companies in New York City. In 2015,  Gabriel co-founded C&W Artist Management in Manhattan which represented over 40 clients and placing them in several venues across the world. His passion for coaching professional careers has helped many artists gain a clear path to success internationally. 

Gabriel, host and producer of The Onyx Theory Podcast creates a space for aspiring artists to listen to interviews with artists and their journey from amateur to professional. Couret has turned his love for artists into a platform to help young professionals find their passion and inspires those wanting to live a life as a full-time artist.

ABM JIMI is currently represented under the umbrella of GC Artists. In the past two years, ABM JIMI completed four albums, Living Dead Pt.1, Puerility,This Cold Home, and the critically acclaimed Belushi written in 2020. The album Belushi hit home with streams approaching 1 million on Spotify and counting. ABM JIMI has released his fifth studio album titled 26. The 21 track album is his most anticipated work to date, generating 40,000 streams in the first 3 days of the release. 

Couret is a multidisciplinary artist manager, not only representing musicians but also fine artists and painters. Gabriel had the opportunity to represent Salvador Martinez and his entire collection of fine art, connecting his entire body of work with clients such as Geometry Global, The Kaboo Festival, The AT&T Stadium, and several private collectors across the United States. 

An avid public speaker, Gabriel has given lectures and masterclasses on business and entrepreneurship for artists. He has spoken to several schools and universities such as New York University, Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.



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