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Gabriel Couret, artist manager, is currently managing indie hip hop artist, ABM Jimi based in Dallas, Texas. The philosophy behind Gabriel's artist management style is that the artist is the highest form of art there is. Creating amazing art is not the goal but rather the goal is finding the joy of the process and greatness within yourself. The pleasure that is found during your artist experience translates to those experiencing your work. 

Gabriel Couret, producer and host of The Onyx Theory Podcast, The 5ish Podcast and former co-host of The Bar Arts Podcast, has turned his love for artists into a platform to help young professionals find their passion and inspires those wanting to live a life as a full-time artist. Gabriel started his career as a professional opera singer and understands the dedication that is needed to succeed in a business that is unfamiliar to most. In 2014, he quickly established himself as an international artist manager working with Artist Management companies in New York City. In 2015,  Gabriel co-founded C&W Artist Management in Manhattan which represented over 40 clients and placing them in several venues across the world. His passion for coaching professional careers has helped many artists gain a clear path to success internationally. 

An avid public speaker, Gabriel has given lectures and masterclasses on business and entrepreneurship for artists. He has spoken to several schools and universities such as New York University, Southern Methodist University, University of North Texas and Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.